Incubation Program - UDGAM

About the incubation program

Udgam Incubator is for budding entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and makers dedicated to the creation of innovative products/companies. The unique aspect of Udgam Incubator is that it has interconnects with several other entrepreneurial components such as SEE, the School for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Imaginarium, the creative lab, Accelerator and Co-working facilities. This provides the opportunity to create new products and companies. We support every stage of the development — from ideas to prototypes, to investments, and beyond.

Our program not only focusses on funding for the startup but the overall idea is to bring the startup to a stage where it is ready for scalability through mentoring, networking and possible collaborations. As per our past incubation cohorts, our program helps in increasing funding opportunities for startups.

Program Highlights

Program Structure

The program is designed in a modular fashion with structured modules…

Idea Generation

The program starts with module on developing successful business idea as it is very important to understand the process of developing a business from ideation perceptive.

Product development

Product development and testing is the next important module and is designed to help startups develop an ideal product or service with high level of acceptability towards their target audience.

Developing go-to-market strategy

Developing go-to-market strategy is vital and our next module covers how to build result driven strategies while keeping budgets in control.

Business Launch

The module on business launch assist startups in defining processes to launch the startup

Building momentum

The module on building momentum and gaining traction, provides insight to startups in creating awareness and network with the right set of people to build word of mouth reputation

Pitch/Demo Day

Pitch/Demo Day is final step of our incubation program which helps startups to get engaged with investors to secure investments for their ventures to scale up.

UDGAM Incubation

UDGAM Incubation program has created a mark as we ensure that our startup cohort gets the best entrepreneurial eco system support.


Co-Working Access

State of the art co-working space at UDGAM hub in Gurgaon for 6 months (For founders only)

Access to UDGAM portal for mentoring opportunities with global leaders

Digital Marketing Tools

Bundled in AWS credits amounting to more than $1000 for each startup

Pre packaged SMS credits for each startups through Msg91.

PR & Media Support

Visibility of startups in the media through our PR efforts.

Networking and collaborative opportunities through UDGAM mentor and investor partners.

Collaboration opportunity with like-minded peers co-located at the hub.

Discovering initial customers for their business in form their peers or Alumni batches.

Negotiating better deals with various service providers such as Law Firms, CA Firms etc.

Connecting with leading startup events happening across the region.

Seed Funding to each startup selected amounting to $10k.

No fees from incubatee startup but a 7% equity stake for the above benefits and facilities provided

What do we look for

A high-impact innovative idea along with a passionate team.

Should have a clearly articulated, innovative solution that addresses a verified pain-point

Should contribute to a positive environmental & social impact

Should have startup capabilities and solution maturity

Should contribute to a positive environmental & social impact

Udgam Hub
Infrastructure Highlights

The hub is built in an area of 12000 sqft fitted with all state of the art equipment and location in Gurgaon, the 2nd largest startup destination in India.

The facilities at the Hub include, Entrance Lobby and Reception area for visitors, high speed wi-fi internet, event space for 100-120 attendees,

Provision for state-of-art audio / visual facilities including AR/VR centre.

Well stocked library filled with books recommended by leading entrepreneurs.

Interestingly designed Ideation lab (Imaginarium) for rapid prototyping assistance and development of first level functional products.

A dedicated display section for showcasing some of your products.