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When ServX, an on-demand car repair startup carried through the nerve-wracking screening of the US-based accelerator Y Combinator in 2017 and bagged its mentorship, the founders Akash Sinha and Anubhav Deep weren’t celebrating alone ...

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It is a wonderful feeling when your start-up fairy tale begins to unfold. Your product begins to attract customers, you manage to bring together a great team, and you even find VCs scrambling to invest in your start-up. All in all, everything seems to be falling into place perfectly.

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The Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) propagated by UN Habitat has reignited the action in developing electric transportation worldwide. The aim of UEMI is to achieve widespread adoption of electric vehicles in global cities to reach a target where travel by electric vehicles makes up 30% of total urban travel by 2030.

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